The Perfect Cargo Machine

The Perfect Bike Trailer 1893 BernardiThe perfect bike cargo trailer would be light and strong. It would have lights and a kickstand incorporated into it. You would barely notice its affect on your bike as you pulled it. It would work on road and off and have smooth suspending properties to keep your load from getting jostled. It would work great for both large and small loads. It would go on and off your bike with quick/secure ease. It would collapse down neatly out of the way and transform into a carrying case for your bike when you were traveling like the CELLO bike case.

The perfect bike cargo trailer wouldn’t cost to much, would last for a very long time, and would have great customer support from its manufactures. It would have a built in waterproof container with just the right size, adjustable compartments for all your gear and would transform into a handy little table for cooking on while bike touring. The container would also have built in solar panels to charge your batteries along the way. It would have a built-in lock that secured the container as well as the trailer to the bike.

The perfect bike cargo trailer doesn’t exist yet, however there are some pretty nice choices out there. For bike cargo trailer enthusiasts generally a larger utility trailer such as the Wandertec BONGO bike cargo trailer and a lighter, lower profile touring trailer such as the BOB Ibex Trailer do the work for both ends of the spectrum in bicycle load carrying. With work and some ingenuity on your own it is certainly possible to create a trailer that performs in almost if not all of the desired capacities.

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