Bike trailer for adult handicapped passenger?

I’ve known my buddy John for a few years now over the Internet. He’s an enthusiastic fellow who rides his bike around Sydney, Nova Scotia. John has a problem and I hope the smart readers of CBB can find a solution.

His partner Lisa was born with spina bifida and cannot use her legs. She would like to join John on his bike rides. They’ve checked into handcycles (arm-powered recumbents, something like high-speed wheelchairs), but they are priced way beyond John’s meager means. John is looking for a bicycle trailer suitable for an adult, handicapped passenger. I also mentioned to him that I’ve heard of tandem trikes where a handicapped passenger can sit in the front. He’s looking for a trailer with these features.

– MINIMUM 115 lb weight capacity
– harness (five point if possible)
– push bar (so it can double as a wheelchair at a destination)
– quick release wheels (ease of flat repair)
– standard wheel size*

– forward sitting position
– canopy
– suspension
– foldability for storage
– incontinence resistant covers

Does anybody know where to find something like this?

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