Green Transportation Specialist To Workers: "Get off your bikes"

Jacobs Babtie is one of Britain’s largest engineering companies. Their clients include Transport for London, which has a target of achieving a fivefold increase in the level of cycling by 2025. Jacobs’ advises local authorities on sustainable transport projects, and they have just banned their staff from commuting on bicycles.

I just don’t have the words … fortunately, Jenny Jones, green transport adviser to the Mayor of London – and – Kevin Mayne, director of the Cyclists Touring Club do have the words and commented in this report in The Times.

Jenny Jones:

“It is hypocritical to offer advice on promoting cycling but at the same time ban your staff from using bikes.”

Kevin Mayne:

“Banning cycling on health and safety grounds is ironic; forcing people off their bikes and into cars just reduces their fitness and increases the danger they pose to other road users.”

The company says that riding bikes and motorcycles is too dangerous. You would think that since they consult with Transport for London that they might be interested in the studies that TfL have done showing the huge increase in the number of cyclists and the DECREASE in cycling injuries…

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