Commuting 101: First Aid Kits

This morning I was riding through the woods when, suddenly, a bee hit me in the neck. No biggie, I thought; at least it didn’t sting me. I continued on my way and after another half mile I started thinking how fortunate I was not to end up like RickyD.

A few moments later I felt a frantic buzz inside my shirt, just above one of my backpack’s straps.

I was in the woods with no place to really pull over so I had to pedal another half minute until I found a clear spot (shown above) at the side of the trail. Off came my back pack and I started fluffing my shirt with all my might. Finally the bee fell out the bottom of my shirt and flew away.

I can’t remember if I’m allergic to bee stings or not. I know my 14 year-old son has very nasty allergic reactions to bee stings, so I’ve decided I need to start carrying a First Aid Kit with some benadryl in my back-pack along with some aspirin, wipes, bandages, etc. The American Red Cross has some nice suggestions, but I need to keep whatever I pack fairly compact. What do you carry, or what else would you suggest bike commuters carry in a First Aid Kit?

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