Flip Side

Yet another Bicycling Top Ten. This time it’s the U.S. Census Bureau’s 10 Cities Where the Most Employees Bike or Walk to Work.

The large cities with the highest percentage of bicycle commuters are:

1. Portland (3.5 percent)
2. Minneapolis (2.4 percent)
3. Seattle (2.3 percent)
4. Tucson, AZ (2.2 percent)
5. San Francisco (1.8 percent)
6. Sacramento, CA (1.8 percent)
7. Washington, D.C. (1.7 percent)
8. Oakland, CA (1.5 percent)
9. Honolulu (1.4 percent)
9. Denver (1.4 percent)

My own city has the dubious honor of being in the group with the lowest percentage of bicycle commuters with a percentage of 0.1 or less.

Not surprisingly, 4 of the cities make both this and the Top 10 Bike Theft Cities lists…

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