Busting bike commute myths

Competitor magazine as a nice article online about busting five common bicycle commute myths.

  • The roads are unsafe for cycling.
  • I don’t have showers at work.
  • I have to take my kids to school.
  • It’s too cold/dark/wet.
  • It takes too long.

Unfortunately, the article promotes some other myths, somehow even transforming the infamous 85%-more-lives-saved-by-helmets myth into an astounding 90%. Frankly, this makes me question the claim that you’re three times more likely to die by stabbing than bicycling. And I know that the chance of dying while on bike is about the same as in the car, instead of the claimed 40 times likelihood of death-in-car.

Still, props to the author for communicating the advantages of the bike commute to a new audience. Via Bike Commute Tips.

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