CBB Poll: Where Do You Park?

Noah, a fellow KC Area bike commuter, is trying to get some information on where we park our bikes. I’m interested as well and couldn’t think of a better forum than this to gather some data. Here is your chance to help; I’d like to get your location, which one of the following categories matches your situation and any other information you’d like to share. The categories are:

  • Outdoor bike rack – visible
  • Outdoor bike rack – secluded
  • Outdoor, secured, covered
  • Outdoor no rack – chained to whatever is available
  • Indoor, secured, bike-specific parking
  • Indoor not specific – stairwell, closet, etc.
  • Indoor office/cubicle
  • If you think I’ve missed any categories, just let us know in your comments and I may be able to go back and edit the list. I’ll get the ball rolling:

    Location: Overland Park, KS
    Category: Indoor office
    The management of the office building I work in was nice enough to install a bike rack, but it is out back by the loading dock. This was fine when I rode my 1977 Yama 10-speed to work, buy last July I got my baby and I carry it in the door, up the stairs and into my office — never touches the floor until I set it under my window.

    You’re next…

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