Single Wheeled Trailers: Adding to the Art

The basic BOB Yak Trailers set the stage for imitators, as discussed in the last post, as well as single wheel bike trailers that owe their lineage to the BOB but have gone on in new directions. These inspired cargo haulers have evolved by adding suspension, different cargo configurations, different size wheels, multi-functionality and other features.

Bob Trailer IbexBOB’s Ibex trailer was introduced circa 2002. It offers suspension to improve the ride off road and on.

Kool Stop WilderBeast Bike TrailerKool Stop’s WilderBeast trailer was one of the first BOB like trailers to emerge. It offered some interesting updates including additional capacity for bicycle panniers with a bicycle rack that could mount on the bike trailer’s fork. Like the TW-Bents trailer, it is collapsible for easier storage and shipping.

Weber Monoporter Bike TrailerThe Monoporter by Weber of Germany has taken the basic single wheel design of the BOB and added quite a few upgrades in style and function. The most obvious difference is the use of a flat platform for the cargo area. The Monoporter platform allows for side release buckles to insert into it in a variety of configurations, holding in place either the standard dry bag, a basket or a cargo fence. A larger 20″ wheel is utilized instead of the more common trailer size of 16″. The wheel mounts to a single sided support with an integrated shock. The fork attaches to the bike with a unique solid, locking system.

Extrawheel Bike TrailerThe Extrawheel, made in Poland, may be related in its design to the BOB Trailer but has taken a very different approach by locating the weight of cargo slung around its full-size wheel. This combination of a full-sized wheel and cargo positioning, makes for an extraordinary off-road trailer. The Extrawheel hugs the trail and does not bounce over bumps but rather tracks right through and over them. The Extrawheel is available in 26″, 27″ and 28″ wheeled versions. For mountain bike touring, if your front wheel becomes damaged, it can be switched out with the trailer wheel which will continue to function with all but the most damaged rim.

Bilenky Bike TrailerThis interesting trailer is made by Bilenky Bicycles of Philadelphia. They have converted many bicycles into travel bicycles using S&S Couplers. This trailer combines a travel case for an S&S coupler bike with a single wheeled trailer. The trailer parts can be disassembled and fit inside of the case with the disassembled bike for travel. When set up as a trailer, the S&S case also makes an excellent storage container for your gear. The whole setup allows you to travel with your bike and gear at a size that doesn’t get extra charges by the airlines. This is a great setup for those who travel and bike tour frequently.

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