Commuting 101: Cleaning Up Your Act

You’ve made the decision; you’re getting on the bike and riding to work. There are some employers who will welcome you with shower facilities, lockers and the like. There are many more who will not. In the event your employer falls in the later category, you can still find ways to get cleaned up once you get to work.

A while back Fritz reviewed some wonderful citrus wipes. Wipes work wonders; but being the frugal guy I am, I’ve gotten by with a container of bargain brand wipes in my desk drawer.

Bargain Wipes

Once I’ve had around 10 minutes to cool down a bit, I grab a couple wipes, the shirt and other clothes I brought along in the backpack, the slacks I keep in another desk drawer and head to the handicap stall in the men’s room. A few paper towels to dry off and I’m good to go – almost.

Let’s face it; the shirt that just got peeled off is bound to be fairly sweaty. My shirt gets hung up to dry on the rack that my computers are in. No one has really figured out how I do it yet but the back of the rack is pretty much out of site and rather than running the risk of offending my co-workers, I take along the cologne inserts that seem to come by the dozen with the Macy’s ad every week (I did mention the frugal thing, didn’t I?). I pop one of those open and hang it there with the damp shirt. Viola! I’m fresh as a daisy and rarin’ to get the day started.

Kimbo has managed to co-opt the coat rack at work for her wardrobe; check her post HERE for more ideas about storing clothing in advance for your commute.


How about some of you others out there? What pointers can you give to new commuters?

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