Reasons to commute by bike

Cyclists disembark Caltrain at Palo Alto Station on Bike To Work Day

“Recycled Cyclist” in Massachusetts writes that he commutes by bike for the wrong reasons — that is, he commutes by bike because — get this! — he actually likes to ride his bike. What a novel concept!

He doesn’t ride to save money, to save time, or to save the environment or to improve his health. “I like commuting by bike because it’s pleasant for many months of the year,” he writes. “ I arrive at work mentally refreshed, calm, and at peace. My energy level is good, and I have a better attitude and perspective on things thanks to 75 minutes of trees, pedaling, concentration, and free thinking, combined into a commute. Commuting by bike is fun. It’s purely selfish. I commute by bike for all the wrong reasons.

Seriously, I think most serious bike commuters ride the bike because they genuinely enjoy bike riding. I was a little shocked, in fact, when I found out a regular bike commuter I’ve known for a couple of years actually hates riding bikes. She gets around by bike because she’s a die-hard environmentalist. To her, getting around by bike is a real sacrifice.

How about yourself? Do you ride because you enjoy it? Or do you have a nobler purpose in mind?

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