This week:
1. Redesigned the little bracket part that makes a Greenspeed Trike’s rear rack mount nicely onto a BOB Yak trailer.
2. Took photos of & posted a listing for a security cable lock setup for BOB Trailers, the above mentioned Greenspeed rack mount, and a B&M 4D Toplight to mount onto the Greenspeed rack.
3. Brainstormed ideas for a top-secret(at least until I realize how many others have had the same idea) new travel bicycle concept.
4. Brainstormed a new idea for CELLO crossbar connection magicness.
5.Went over the top of my old monthly sales record from last July.
6.Went on an epic ride in Shredona with Joe Murray and a cohort of single-speeders to celebrate Kim’s 40th.

It was a great week with strong sales to finish off the month of February. I sent a BOB Yak Trailer and CELLO bike trailer case to Hong Kong. My new customer there is an engineer and offered his assistance to look into manufacturing over there. While its good to keep manufacturing local its also good to go to the next level with larger scale production.

My brain was mushrooming with new ideas this week, distracting me from the more immediate stuff. On the forefront, I did come up with a solid concept for updating the CELLO. The current CELLO uses crossbars to hold the side panels together. This won’t change, however I’m looking for a better (and easier to manufacture) solution for connecting the panels and the crossbars together. The current system of a cap that tensions through a hole in the panel into the crossbar works very well, however it’s very time consuming to make. Now I’m working on a crossbar that will have tabs that engage the panel and be held in place by a tensioned piece of webbing. So if that isn’t perfectly clear, you’ll just have to wait until the new CELLO starts rolling out.

The week capped off with a beautiful, amazing ride in Sedona. It was my first mountain bike ride of the year and after flipping off my bike in the first 100 yds, I managed to pull it together to enjoy a truly epic ride.

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