News You Can Use…

If you live in St. Louis or San Francisco.

Here is the latest on the bike commuter dilemma in St. Louis. A large portion of Highway 40 is going to be re-routed to county roads that bicycle commuters frequent. The bike lanes are being taken out so that the lanes can be re-painted to include three lanes instead of two. The good news is that they’re going to put up additional “Share the Road” signs. The bad news is they’re going to put up additional “Share the Road” signs. A group of cyclists has requested a different option, signs with a picture of a bicycle above the words “use full lane.”

Marin County Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program Advisory Committee has $25 million to spend and a list of projects that adds up to $220 million.

Commuters in Palo Alto will be happy to know that the Bikestation has reopened. Bike storage is free and funded by the city of Palo Alto. More information can be found at the Bikestation web site Here.

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