BOB Trailers: Extra & Oversized Cargo

Bob Trailer Tow TruckThe BOB Trailer offers a sturdy, rugged platform for a variety of uses. Among the more interesting of these uses are the ability for the BOB to carry a variety of items in different configurations.

From a basic standpoint the BOB offers a 25(in) x 16(in) x 18(in)area for storage. This is generally used for putting the BOB DrySAK or other bags, dry bags, storage bins and baskets for containing goods. But a variety of adaptions, both accessory and Do-It-Yourself projects allow you to carry odd shaped items that won’t fit in the confines of the cargo space.

Early on, the BOB was recognized as a great way to get tools to remote locations for trail building and maintenance. The BOB ToolRAX was designed as a tool for trail builders. This tool holder has spots for 4 tools storing them from front to back in the trailer with the handles alongside the BOB trailers wheel.

For those emerged in the cycling world such as bike racers and mechanics, there is often the need to get somewhere with two bikes. The BOB is shown here with a clever DIY project for setting up your BOB as a bicycle tow truck of sorts. The designer of this setup, Chris, also recommends putting your wheels on either side of the frame and strapping them together around the top tube.

BOB Trailer Yak RackAs your bob trailer fills up with odd cargo, there may be a need for additional cargo room elsewhere. One possibility is to add racks to the rear end of the BOB trailer. BOB recommends that your heaviest items go at the front bottom area of your trailer. With this in mind, he rear end of the BOB should only be utilized for storing lighter items.

A standard rack can be mounted on either a BOB Ibex or BOB Yak trailer. In this pictures, the racks require the use of specific clamping hardware. Using a standard rack on a BOB requires some clever fixturing.

Greenspeed manufactures a rack for their recumbent trikes that is designed to fit over the 16″ wheels. I’ve adapted this rack for use with either a BOB Ibex or Yak Trailer. It easily mounts to the Yak or Ibex by bolting onto the fender eyelets and utilizing an included adapter kit. It fits nicely around the BOB wheel and fenders and also offers a place to mount a rear rack light.

David Wilson of David Wilson Industries demonstrates his beautifully welded BOB Rack Retrofit. This rack doesn’t look like it’s intended for but panniers, but rather for putting a rack top bag or other items on the top. It sure looks nice with the matching paint.

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