Bike to work, get a free bicycle

Update (12/28/2011): Folks, don’t contact Commute by Bike asking for a free bike. We don’t have free bikes. We wish we did, but we don’t.

David Hon, president of Dahon Bicycles, is looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of his company. “We’ve been studying all of our business operations to see how we can operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner,” says Hon. “Employee transport seemed like a great place to make an impact.”

Under Dahon’s plan, any U.S. employee who bikes to work or combines his bike commute with public transit at least three times a week is offered a free bicycle. That sounds like a wonderful incentive for any bike commuter.

According to this press release, Dahon is also working on industry deals to people employed in the bicycle and outdoor industries. According to Dahon’s website, the company exists to “convince more people, organizations and governments to use more environmentally-sustainable forms of transport.” The company was started because of the oil crisis in 1975, after the company founder got tired of sitting in gas lines and started riding a bicycle to work. He introduced his first folding bicycle in 1982, designing it specifically for mixed-mode commuting.

Biking Bis points out other cycling-related efforts to reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

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