Controntation in red
Quick disclaimer: The following contains no real useful information. It is presented for entertainment purposes only. I couldn’t resist sharing it.

The Sun-Sentinel
has a compelling reason to try to avoid confrontation. Still, if someone driving a 2005 Cadillac ignored a red light and hit me while riding my bike, I would probably want to discuss it with them. This instance in South Florida, however, went terribly wrong as the driver of the car:

A) Started a fight.
B) Tried to steal someone else’s truck.
C) Bit the truck owner’s arm when he was pulled from the truck.
D) Climbed a tree to escape and refused to come down.

But wait, there’s more:

E) Fort Lauderdale police tried for more than an hour to coax him from the tree.
F) They Tasered him to get him down.
G) They restrained him on an ambulance gurney where…
H) He continued to fight.
I) Finally, he was sedated.

The authorities think the suspect may have been using illegal drugs. Really? Ya think?

Public photo source – Photophool

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