Toko Profi gloves

Toko Profi XC gloves

Positives: Cool Euro styling, comfortable, fits like a glove, breathable, lightweight, reflective stripe on back.

Negatives: Dorky Euro styling, expensive, no snot-wiper, not waterproof.

Toko is a Swiss brand for competitive Nordic/cross-country skiing clothing, waxes, tools, and textile care products. I like winter sports almost as much as cycling, and a lot of my ski gear serves double duty as winter cycling gear.

These Toko Profi gloves are among the most popular gloves used by competitive Nordic skiers. The thin, breathable back makes these gloves good down to moderately sub-freezing temperatures. For cycling, these gloves fit well and are among the most comfortable gloves I’ve ever worn.

The “Clarino” synthetic leather palms provide adequate padding and friction for a good grip on the handlebars. Because these are ski gloves, only the “crotch” between the index finger and thumb is reinforced.

These gloves are intended for use in cool, dry conditions, and for those conditions these gloves are the most perfect I’ve ever tried. The reflective stripes may be helpful for signalling drivers behind you. The lack of snot-wiping rag is an annoyance. These gloves are not right when there’s rain or slush coming down. $40 from outdoor retailers and ski shops.

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