Managing CELLO Inventory/Google AdWords on the Side

This past week, I spent most of my time organizing the multiple parts of the Wandertec CELLO into our new QuickBook’s Manufacturing software. This time consuming task should pay off as it will result in a very clear picture of how many CELLOS are available and what parts need to be ordered. Developing a smooth manufacturing process from ordering materials through to shipping the product will give me a great deal of confidence as I look towards adding some new products into the mix.

This new accounting system will make it easier to hold lower overall inventory because I will know much more precisely when I am close to running out. Holding less inventory results in using up less storage space, having to generally handle less inventory, and having less cash sitting in inventory. Lower inventory levels also allow for more rapid developments and improvements to the product applying new ideas to each successive building of CELLOS. This new accounting software will support implementing these improvements as it very gracefully allows for inventories of upgraded parts to be shifted in and out.

As a new business, I’ve found the need to pursue alternative sources of cash-flow. Recently, I’ve been earning additional dollars by contracting out my skills in running Google AdWords to the local snowshoe & crampon manufacturer Kahtoola.

My main efforts with Google AdWords has been for our subsidiary business I was convinced by the book Winning Results with Google Adwords that Google is the perfect mode for advertising niche products on the Internet. Google’s system is setup to give advantages to ads that are the most relevant to the Google searches that they are linked to. With these advantages an affordable campaign can be developed that focuses in on a very specific group of interested shoppers who are looking for what you’ve got. Besides these advantages, Google Adwords is incredibly dynamic, providing a great deal of insight into what is working within the campaign.

After mastering the setup of the AdWords for my bike cargo trailer products, I was ready to help out at Kahtoola. Last week the effort for Kahtoola has been paying off with their ads are up and running smoothly. Kahtoola is getting targeted traffic and we are earning some extra cash flow through managing their accounts.

Check back next week to see what tasks I am gliding (more likely trudging) through.

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