Bike facilities at work

Where I work, we have secure, covered bike parking; lockers and showers (with shampoo and soap provided!). The employee shuttle buses all have bike racks on them. We’re also permitted to keep our bikes in the office (which I do). On job interviews, the first question I ask is “Can I ride my bike to work?”

Many cities try to encourage bicycling as transportation through policies that encourage bike racks and other bike commuter facilities at work sites. The city of Longmont, Colorado reduces the parking lot requirement for projects that install showers and bike racks. The city of Cupertino, California recently adopted a “parking cashout” policy. This is a program where employers pay their employees to not drive their cars to work. Cupertino encourages this program by reducing the required parking for new commercial construction.

Is there anything innovative your employer or city does to encourage bicycling to work? What do you have? What’s on your wish list?

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