Manzella Silk Weight Windstopper Gloves

Positives: Lightweight, comfortable, works as advertised (windproof, water resistant). Removable fleece liner lets you adjust the insulation depending on conditions. Excellent manual dexterity and feel lets you operate zippers, helmet buckles, lights and locks.

Negatives: Missing cycling-specific features: no reinforced fabric on palm side, slick grip, no snot wiper, no padding.

Manzella Silkweight windstopper gloves.

The Manzella Silk Weight Windstopper gloves are lightweight, multisport gloves that are windproof, breathable and water resistant. Some REI stores sell these general purpose outdoor sport gloves in the cycling section, and Manzella markets these gloves as suitable for “mulit-activity” use and mountain biking.

The gloves are comfortable and very lightweight. The removable fleece liner provides some additional warmth; when the temperature rises through the day, the shell provides the benefits of blocking wind and water while removing the insulating bulk of the liner. These gloves keep my hands dry through dry snow and light rain; the windblocking shell is very effective and keep my hands and fingers warm down to the high 20s F / about minus 3°C.

Because these are multisport gloves, the fabric is thin over the entire glove, including the palm side. Cycling gloves typically are reinforced with leather or other tough material because of the additional wear on that surface. The palm surface tends to be rougher on cycling gloves to provide a better grip on the bars; the slick palms of the Manzella gloves don’t provide a good grip. Also, these gloves don’t have the snot wiper fabric that I consider essential for any cycling glove. Finally, these gloves are unpadded, which you may or may not like depending on your preferences.

If you have a short commute in light rain and moderately cool temperatures, these gloves are adequate, especially if you can find a good deal on them or if you buy them for another activity such as spring skiing or hiking. On me, the lack of padding gets pretty uncomfortabe on longer rides of 20 miles or more. They generally retail for $30.00, but can be found for less.

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