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Harnessing the power of the internet to search out bike related news today and, okay, I’d not heard of Chlo Sevigny before I saw this picture on Urban Delicious’ post “Bike Lane on the Fashion Runway” but it was nice seeing a celeb out bike commuting.

Chlo Sevigny

I do agree with the poster’s statement “Riding and chatting is not safe.” I will have to admit that I’ve done it a couple times, but only while on the bike path and never in traffic; and that was early on in my commuting experience. I have also given up the MP3 player since I’m in traffic more than I’m on the trail now. How about you, do you use a cell while peddalling?

Next is an interesting YouTube video on the world’s first bike lift in Trondheim, Norway. I guess if you’re in a VERY hilly area, this might be quite welcome. I wonder how much it costs…

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