Wonder Woman

I personally don’t make new year’s resolutions because they’ve never really worked for me. I do, however, hope that some people have resolved to take up commuting by bike this year and hope they’ll stick with it. It’s a tough time of year to take up the challenge, what with plenty of cold winter weather still ahead for many of us. Please don’t give up.

To be honest, this is the first year I’ve kept biking to work after the daylight savings time change in October; but I’m having a blast. Remember, it’s all about layers. And if you just don’t think you have what it takes to get out there if the temperatures drop below freezing, I present one of the people who has inspired me to keep going:


This is Arthea, I see her walking every morning while I’m biking to work and she also bikes to her errands in the afternoon. I don’t know how old Arthea is, but if she can do it day in and day out … so can you. I had to get out of the house today and rode about 7 miles when we crossed paths today. She was out on her bike and the temperature at the time was 37 degrees F, 3 degrees C. Arthea is one of my heroes. I hope she can inspire you to keep at it as well. Happy New Year!

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