The folks of Cycletote just sent us a very neat trailer to review.

They sent us the Touring model.

You’re wondering how does this become a trailer? Well with my magical mechanic hands, anything is possible!

Here are some of the specs:
Standard Equipment

The Touring Model, Covered Wagon, Woody, and Bare Trailer come equipped with a bicycle seat post hitch attachment, either 700c(touring) or 26″ (mountain bike) full sized, quick release bicycle wheels, safety flag, rear reflector and wheel reflectors.

The Touring Model will carry most anything including your cross country gear, groceries, tools, and a bale of hay. It offers extremely low wind and rolling resistance, has greater weight and volume capacity and does not present the balancing problems of a one-wheeler in high winds or during slow climbs. If you need even more capacity, we offer longer versions using the Special Needs frames and a taller version, the Covered Wagon, which can be purchased with the Touring Model as a “Combo”. This lets you switch back and forth as your needs dictate.

The trailer sticks out about 2 – 2 1/2 inches beyond average handle bars. It rides quite nicely on the edge of narrow highways, even when the right wheel at times drops down over the shoulder. Passing auto traffic usually give you a much wider berth than they would without the trailer.

The trailer has a removeable cover and the tires have a refelctive strip on the side walls, and they’re slicks!

Check out the cargo room in here. I placed a very large picnic basket along with some Christmas lights and a few stuffed animals.

Take a look at the craftsmanship of the welding. By the way Cycletote is Made in the USA, Fort Collins, Colorado to be exact.

For more information products offered by Cycletote. CLICK HERE!

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