Whittier Greenway Trail

Whittier Greenway Trail Click here for interactive map

I was excited to see that the Whittier Greenway trail construction is on it’s way.

The Greenway Trail is included in the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LACMTA) “Southeast Area Bicycle Master Plan.” The trail will pass through residential, commercial, industrial and institutional land uses in Whittier, connecting these various elements of the community and allowing residents and visitors to hike or bike through town.

Special benefits of the Greenway Trail to the City include alleviating traffic congestion, improving air quality and providing a scenic greenbelt area through the center of Whittier. The trail will also provide increased safety for those who prefer to bike or walk to their destinations. The Greenway connects with the local and regional bus systems, including Whittier Transit, MTA, Foothill Transit, Montebello Bus Lines and Norwalk Transit.

Source: City of Whittier Website

What this means to me is that I can take this trail to the San Gabriel River Trail and head to work with out having to deal with car traffic. The trail should be done by 2008, and plans to extend the trail to the Santa Ana River trail may be on the works. This also means that I can take the trail one block away from my house and head to Seal Beach or Huntington Beach.

I hope that this trail will encourage bike commuters that are apprehensive of riding in traffic as well as students to ride their bike since the trail passes by several schools.

Kudos to the City of Whittier for going ahead with this project.

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