Looking back at November

November saw 2 of our staff members get older. Myself and Priscilla celebrated birthdays this month. Here are November’s most commented posts and product reviews:

*Our #1 post was Nick’s “How to dress for Cold Weather” article. We also got comments from other commuters that ride during the winter months. It is hard to relate for us So Cal riders, for us 50 degrees is cold.

*Asking our loyal readers about rain tires proved to me that I don’t really know everything, and I can’t use google for crap. Thanks to all of you that contributed, and yes, fenders rule!

*RL’s dress like a Cal-trans worker post ignited a dare (or an empty threat) for Nick to Rock the ‘community service’ look. Jay, show Nick the Money!!!

*A 29er MTB Commuter??? KHS bikes will lend us the Tucson 29er to test mid-February. Meanwhile, RL keeps dreaming of riding one.

*They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some of us eat healthy stuff, some of us go to McD’s (can you say, “Super size me?”) But, popcorn???

*Showing off his sewing skills, Randy creates home made knickers and an awesome saddle bag. Randy will be taking orders as soon as he gets a sweatshop, I mean, a reputable distributor for his designs.

Here are November’s reviews:

Redline 9-2-5
KHS Urban Xtreme
Rocket Shower
Allen Bike Rack 550rr
Sette Padded Bike Travel Bag

December will be a busy month for some of us at CbB. I will be traveling to New Mexico with the Mistery Bike, I hope to ride to bike shops in Las Cruces and check out the bike scene. Meanwhile, ride, have fun and don’t forget your fenders!!

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