Accessories Added

Do you find yours adding more and more accessories to your bike? When I first started commuting by bike, the first thing I just had to have was a saddle bag. Not really sure why. But I felt a need to get one. When I finally got one, I had to fill it up with who know what. They’re actually useful stuff like: spare tube, multi-tool, CO2 cartridge for my pump, cash, and a fix a flat (don’t know why I carry it since I have a spare tube). The next thing I added was the Genuine Innovation Second Wind MTB pump. After that was the Princeton Tec Eos Bike light. I just love that little bad boy. Last but not least is the Active Tunes I-Ride. Out of all these great accessories, a clip for my ID card came to be the most used item. Who knew that a $.30 item could make such a difference.

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