Sette Padded Bike Travel Bag with Wheels

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Product Tested: Sette Padded Bike Travel Bag with Wheels.

Bag & Bike

52. ¼” x 9″ x 37 1/2″
4 smooth rolling wheels
Protective hard plastic base
Thick foam padding
2 internally padded wheel pockets
2 accessory pockets

me & Bag

Cost: Price Point $64.98

My background: I am 5’2″ 165lbs. I am a bicycle commuter that travels about 8 miles round trip. I’m a weekend mountain biker always looking for a new trail.

Testing Grounds: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

First Impressions and Comments: The first thing that I thought of when I saw this bag was the dimensions. It is a big bag, very impressive. After further inspection I noticed the wheels, good thing for I don’t have to carry it on my shoulder when I travel.

The wheels are just like roller blade wheels, very smooth and can spin forever. They are re-enforced by a hard plastic bottom for support. The fabric and padding are made with high quality materials. However, I would pad the dropouts, fork, derailleur and chain rings for added protection. I would also recommend that you remove the quick release skewers and place them in the accessory bag to prevent them from penetrating thru the bag.

Bag wheels paste

Strengths: The padding is nice and thick. If you wanted to put a person in there and roll them down the a hill, they would be nice and comfortable and not experiencing any irriation from the outside worlds.

The quick release straps on the outside are a good re-enforcement for the zipper it takes pressure away from it. The inside has two nicely padded pockets for the wheels,which would separate the wheels from the frame. It also has two small compartments with a zipper for small articles such as the skewers, wallet, keys and etc.

Bag Filled

Weaknesses: On the quick release straps there should be a slack retainer for the excess strap rollback. But you can always put a rubber band or tape it so it is not flapping during transportation.

Here’s a quick tip
Loose slack on one quick release and the slack rolled under the rubber band on the other quick release.

Slack rolled under.

Attaching the rubber band.
rubber band

Would I recommend it? You will not find a bag of this quality and durability for this price anywhere! I would definitely recommend this one to anyone. Whether you’re riding a beater bike or a high end bike and you want to protect your investment, the Sette Padded Bike Travel Bag is for you. There’s no way you can beat the price of this bag.

My recommendation: Personally, I would add some padding on certain areas of my bike. It will not only add some more protection but it will keep my bag intact from grease for example.

Fezzari Abajo Peak ready for traveling.
Frame Wheel
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