Early Christmas Wish List

So here I am thinking about what would I really like for Christmas….

Last year Moe and I came up with some pretty cool gift ideas based on the products we reviewed.

But this year, I think I’m going to steer away from bicycle paraphernalia.

So that means, the first thing on my list is a nice roof rack for my car. Oh wait, that’s bicycle related…

Ok ok, let me think again…I’ve got it! I want a new blender for the Xtracycle…Dangit! That’s bicycle related again….

Ok how about…ear muffs! Yeah that’s it! Ear muffs will keep me warm during my rides.

Oh man…who am I kidding…anything I try to think of all becomes bicycle related.

But I do have a question for our loyal readers.

What do you give a cyclist who has everything they need for the Holidays?

Here’s a few suggestions…

For a fixed gear rider, get em’ new inner tubes or tires.

For the mountain biker, get em’ a first aid kit.

For the roadie, get em’ some Gu or Power Gels.

For the COMMUTER…a blinkie!

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