Saturday at the Bicycle Tree

RL and I met in at the Bicycle Tree in Anaheim, CA. The Bicycle Tree is a non profit group that accept bikes as donations, they fix the bicycles and re-sell them at very reasonable prices. They also have a full set of tools for people to work on their bikes for free. They also started an ‘Earn-a-Bike’ program on Thursday nights. Basically, a volunteer puts 15 hours of helping at the shop and they take home whatever bike they want.

The Bicycle Tree

As I arrived, Paul was teaching a young victim of a puncture how to seal it using patches. He took the time to carefully explain the procedure as the young kid watched. Once the flat was fixed, the kid took off with a big smile on his face.

The Bicycle Tree

I took a couple of donor bikes that were taking space in my garage. One of the bicycles needed a few adjustments that RL took care using the Bicycle Tree’s tools. RL had the bicycle in riding condition and ready for sale in no time.

The Bicycle Tree The Bicycle Tree

I’ve been looking for a frame for a bike project, I found a vintage Fuji Tourer frame in one of the many bikes that The Bicycle Tree has to offer.

The Bicycle Tree

We want to thank Paul from The Bicycle Tree for letting us hang out, for the frame and for helping out the bike community.

If you have a few unwanted bikes or parts taking space in your garage or yard take them to The Bicycle Tree, you’ll be helping out a great cause and it’s tax deductible.

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