How To Commute When Working From Home?

Being self-employed, and working from home, I don’t have that super long commute anymore. So how do I “commute” by bike when I really only have to walk from my bedroom to my computer in the living room.

So I figured it out! I get up as I normally would, get geared up, get on the Redline 925 and ride. I don’t have a specific destination, I just ride. Most mornings I do laps in my personal velodrome (the church parking lot) to get warmed up then I hit the streets and ride anywhere from 6-10 miles. If I’m feeling a little aggro, then I’ll hit the local trail system on my mountain bike and ride 10-12 miles.

Once I’m done with my ride, I brew a fresh cup of coffee in the kitchen then shower, and get dressed for the day. Yeah I actually get dressed for the day as if I was going to work. No, that doesn’t mean I wear a shirt, tie and slacks. It’s pretty much a business casual dress code in my home office.

So now you maybe thinking…”If he’s working from home, then that means he can’t test the products…”

Ah! That’s where you’re wrong my friend. Part of my day I set aside some time to just focus on CbB stuff. Whether that’s writing on the site, testing products, or building a new project, I make time for my second love (first being Priscilla)…bicycles.

In fact, now that I don’t have to worry about riding my bike so far to my previous job, or having to sit in traffic for hours at a time, I have more time to focus on my family and bicycling.

So here’s my question to some of the self-employed or working from home folks.

If you work from home, do you make an effort to ride in the morning?

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