29r Commuter

The biggest thing to hit the bike industry in the past couple years is the 29r bikes, in other words 29 inch bikes.

What’s a 29r you ask…Well the whole theory is that the bigger the wheel diameter, the more surface contact and the better you roll.

Here’s a diagram that best shows the difference between a 26″ wheel to a 29″ wheel…

You can even learn more about 29rs from our sister site, Twentynineinches.com

CbB has been blessed on the types of bikes we’ve tested since we’ve been around. Bikes such as road, mountain, hybrid, fixed and even a 4 wheeled rowing machine!

However, we haven’t had an opportunity to test out a 29r mountain bike…or at least not yet.

I did speak with the guys at KHS a few days ago and they agreed to let us test their bad mamma jamma, the Tucson. But it won’t be here until mid February.

So in the mean time, we’ve been day dreaming, and even have been going to a LBS to test ride the 29r’s they have on the shelves.

If you have a suggestion in which 29r bike we should test out, let us know.

If you’re a bike company that has a 29r that you’d like get some free exposure on by letting us review it, EMAIL me. Just the idea of 29r bikes as commuters sounds very cool to me. I think this could be a whole new way for 29r bikes to be ridden!

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