Oooh That's Going to Leave a Mark

Yesterday morning I took out my buddy Mauro for his initiation to Mountain Biking at the Fullerton Loop. He did very well considering he hasn’t been on a bike in more than 10 years.

Towards the end of the ride, there’s this sweet jump I decided to hit. I roll up to it with some good speed, hit the take off and then in mid air I saw a woman and her two big German Shepards right in front of me.

I panicked because I was affraid I was going to hit them on my landing. I was so consumed that I forgot to look down towards my landing that was coming up fast.

When I finally looked down it was too late, I knew this wasn’t good. I said to myself a split second before hitting the ground…”Oh dang, I’m going to eat it!”

BAM! I did.

I slid for a few feet, using my elbow, hands and thighs to slow me down. I get up rather quickly since I have cat like reflexes. Dust off my self and noticed I had a nice little war wound. The funny thing was the lady doesn’t even ask if I was ok, but she said, “Don’t do that! You’ll get yourself hurt!”

The last time I had a good crash was back in January on a New Year’s Day Ride…

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