October highlights

Hope everyone had a fun and safe halloween.

Here are the October highlights:

-The most popular post was the video featuring the comparison of a brakeless fixed gear bike and a bike with a coaster brake. “Finger” commented on his dislike for the video and calling ‘Cool Fixie Riders’ a-holes. Ouch.

-And speaking of ‘fixies’, and I’m referring to the bikes NOT riders that ride fixed gear bikes. Raleigh USA sent Commute By Bike a 2007 One Way to test. I was the lucky recepient of the bike and will be testing it the coming months. I’ve posted my first impression of the bike.

-Taking CbB to a higher level, Randy jumps out of an airplane with Montague’s Paratrooper. As Randy said, “any jump you could walk away from is a great jump.” Amen to that!

-Randy found a picture of a tattoo with a ‘bike theme’ and ask how big of a bike geek can you be to have such tattoo. My question is, how big of a bike geek do you have to be to criticize the accuracy of the bike parts? (read the comments)

-Lastly, my light up post brings DIY ideas on rear and front lights. As long as you are lit, I mean, safe, who cares if you look like a Christmas tree?

Here are our October Product reviews:

Banjo Brothers saddlebag panniers. Awesome value at about 49 bucks.

Freeradical Xtracycle. A must if your sole source of transportation is a bike.

Sette Rival Shoes. For less than $40 dollars you can have stylish shoes on and off the bike.

That’s all folks! Keep riding and stay safe.

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