Someone doesn't like Fixies

Yes Nick and Moe, I said “Fixies!”


Ok back to the subject. We had a person named “finger” make a comment on a recent posting about fixies and coaster brakes.

Here’s what “finger” had to say…

patently absurd.

“I feel like I have a lot more control on a fixie”

uh huh. you just keep telling yourself that Mr. Cool guy! Track bikes belong on the track. Skidding reduces maneuverability. period. The ‘test’ showing the coaster brake stopping slower than the fixie was obviously faked. The guy on the coaster brake bike HAD A FRONT BRAKE, and for good reason too. Having front brakes is the safest way to stop ANY VEHICLE.

Your coolness is a danger to those around you- which really just makes you another @**hole.

Do you agree or disagree with Frustrated Finger?

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