Things my buddies didn't tell me about riding a fixie

I dialed in the Raleigh One Way yesterday and took it for a 10 minute ride around my neighborhood. Today, I rode it to work (8 miles), ‘fixie’ style.

Here is what I learned:

When making a turn, make sure your turn is wide enough to have enough pedal clearance. Why? Because you are still pedaling!!!

Stopping was not an issue for me, the bike has BOTH brakes. Re-starting after a dismount was a little challenging for me. If you don’t have the pedal in the correct position to start pedaling, it can be a little embarrasing as you push your bike to get the right leverage on the pedals. (Yeah, it happened to me)

The last thing I learned is that riding a fixed gear will let you know in what physical condition you really are: I’m WAAAAAAY out of shape.

I’m looking forward to the ride back home. Stay tuned for pictures and my first impression.

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