Don's Intro To The Hill

I went out for a ride with Kharl and Don early this morning. Man was it COLD! Kharl wanted to introduce Don to the hill. Who am I to interject? This hill has an 8% grade and goes on for a mile. 8% doesn’t sound steep at all, but riding it for a mile would burn your legs. It would burn so much that it would put a crisp on RL’s leg hair.

RL's Legs

Don said that he was changing his gears. But I thought changing your gears work best when you’re riding your bike. I think he was letting his legs rest but didn’t want us to give him a hard time for pushing the bike.

Changing gears?

Towards the end of our ride, we decided to go around the perimeter of the Susquehanna Depot. With bow hunting season starting last week the post was like a deer haven. I guess they knew they were safe on base. There’s only one day of the year that hunting is permitted on post. We came across a total of 16 deer within twenty minutes of riding the perimeter.

herd of deer

Here’s a closer look.

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