How to build and run your own bicycling blog

For starters, the cheapest way to create a blog is to use services like Blogger. These sites allow you to build a generic blog in which you can actually customize with a bit of HTML knowledge.

Another thing we do here at CBB that is pretty obvious is to update the site every day. Content is King! Make sure you spell out the full words of things such as “mountain biking” not mtn biking. Google and other search engines look for fresh content to publish on a search.

If you include friends in your blog to post, make sure you all get along and you are all very open minded. I’ve seen way too many blogs that have a great team of graphics guys, programmers and even a bike shop owner. But because they all didn’t agree on certian things, the site went out as fast as it came up.

Build relationships with other blogs. Link to them and ask them to link to you.

Last but not least, but definitely the most important…have fun.

Yeah we’re all pretty psychotic about cycling so passion isn’t a must, but fun is. If you’re having fun in your blog, your readers will see that and will want to keep coming back everyday.

Good luck! Remember, if you do create a blog, let me know so we can add you in our links section!

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