I'm Upgrading My Lightbulbs

I just saw “the movie” that all those with an environmentalist mindset will inevitably see, “An Inconvenient Truth”. I know it is those who need to see this movie the most that probably won’t see it. But for those of us who have an interest in this topic, the movie is an excellent presentation of the environmental problems and potential catastrophes our world faces today.

Al Gore is the star of the movie, essentially giving a 1.5 hour presentation. Generally the information is similar to much of what has been circulating about our global environmental crisis for years. The movie’s strength is in bringing together a variety of the current environmental problems, potential threats, positive and negative ideologies, and suggestions for change. By presenting all of this information together, the movie achieves a sense of momentum. It gives a sense that the crisis is growing exponentially but so is our understanding of it. The movie serves as a rallying point for environmentalists to congeal their ideas for combating the problems we face ahead.

Though this movie will probably not be viewed by the majority of the worst polluters among us, perhaps it will be seen by their children. This movie is the perfect tool for teachers wanting to explain global warming to their students.

The end of the movie reads of messages encouraging the viewer to make changes in their lives. I decided after watching this movie that I needed to make at least one change in my life. I decided to reduce my use of energy by updating all of my light bulbs to fluorescents, installing a timer on my heating system and installing a motion sensor on my front porch rather than just leaving the light on.

Go see this movie and reduce your energy consumption!!! Bike More…

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