Jenson USA Ride

JensonUSA was hosting a ride on a trail 7 miles away from my house. I had never been on the trail so I was curious ride it. Last time I rode MTB was about 4 months ago, so my MTB skills were rusty. I also had a few beers on friday night, but I had promised my buddy that I was going to show up.


The ride was supposed to start at 8:30am, and of course, people showed up late. I knew I was in trouble when riders with $2K+ machines started to show up.

JensonUSA ride

We finally got going at about 9:00am, it was already freaking hot. As we started to climb the first singletrack, my body reminded me that I had a few beers the night before. My buddy was feeling the effects of the heat, so he decided to call it the day and head back. I was really close to the top of the climb so I caught up to the group.

JensonUSA ride

Alan Eger, our Guide, was kind enough to wait for me for the time that I was riding, unfortunately, the heat and my mild hangover caught up to me and I ended bailing out early.

Thanks to JensonUSA for setting up these rides, next time, I won’t drink, I promise.

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