Bikes slow down cars, forcing traffic on side streets, says report

Check out this Crazy Canadian Councillor…

Cyclists using the bike lanes on Cosburn Ave. may soon have to find a new route if one local councillor has his way.

The bike lanes have been in place since late 2004, now Toronto-Danforth Councillor Case Ootes wants to poll residents in the area around Broadview and Coxwell Aves to see if they are in favour of keeping the bike lanes or not.

His motion went to council in late July, but was deferred until the next council session in September. Although it is possible that the item may not be voted on by council until December or even January when a new city council is in place, he said.

Eventually, Ootes said he would like the bike lanes removed.

“There’s no need for bike lanes on Cosburn. It’s safer to cycle on residential streets,” said Ootes. “The point I am trying to make is as far as East York is concerned there are lots of east-west bike routes including Sammon Avenue and Plains Road.”

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