1/2 Of Stony Creek Trail Discovered

Beer Pong was the choice of entertainment last night. But as 2:30 am came along, we decided to leave because plans were made to hit the Stony Creek Trail early the next morning. We were supposed to meet right at 6:00 am. That meant having to get up at 5:30. I can’t believe I did it. There were supposed to be three of us going. But at 6:00 am I found myself being the only one ready. So what does a good friend do? Call them up and wake them. It didn’t work. No answer. I thought I got stood up again. Jamie finally came out about ten minutes later. At least I knew I had someone to ride with.

We must have gone over 14 miles out before we decided to head back. This trail just keeps going and going. The trail apparently goes on for about 22 miles. I definitely want to see the other end of this trail. Hopefully the next time we go we would be able to do it.

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