Slow and Easy

When I first started commuting to my work in Fountain Valley, Ca. I would try to beat my time on reach ride. I used pretend that I was on a race everytime I got on my bike. On the same token, I was putting my self in more risk because I was weaving in and out of traffic, jumping on sidewalks and running across the street with my bike on my shoulders.

But when I kept reinjuring my hamies, I figured I’ll take it slow and easy. To my surprise, going at an easy pace only held me back by a few minutes.

Now that I am riding the RedLine 925, I’ve been going slower just to make sure I can stop at a light since the 925 is a Fixie. However, I can’t help but realize that ever since I’ve been cruising to and from work, not only am I more relaxed, I’m happier and it seems like my rides have a bit less trouble than before. Well except last Monday’s ride.

So here’s my advice, take it easy. Enjoy the ride!

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