RedLine 925 First Impression

I’ve started riding again after letting my hamies rest for a week and I couldn’t wait to get on the RedLine 925.

For her maiden voyage I took the 925 to work. This was my first experience riding a fixed gear bike. It took me a few miles to get used to the constant pedaling. Learning how to slow down and completely stop without brakes took about 18 miles to learn.

This is a shot of the 925 in my office.

This is at some office park on my way home.

This is why I love riding to work…

I even went on a night ride.

I made sure I had enough lights.

After riding the RedLine 925 for almost 40 miles, the 925 has been performing like a champ. I haven’t experienced any flexing of the frame. The only thing I’ve had to do was replace the stock stem with one that had a higher angle. I prefer to ride my bikes with a comfort geometry rather than a race set up.

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