Champiot Ultra Review


“The Great Rowing Machine on Wheels”

The exerciser, which has been built under precise engineering specifications to achieve optimal strength, stability and safety with minimal weight, and which has a motorcycle chain and four inflatable tires, has been designed to promote and maintain physical and emotional health of persons from 4’2″ to 6’6″ tall, (maximum weight 300 lbs), with an aerobic, wholesome, exhilarating, OUTDOOR exercise, on sidewalks, bike pathways, parks and beaches of THE WORLD! It can be transported by automobile using the same racks that are utilized to transport bicycles.

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Product Tested: Champiot Ultra

Cost: $699.00

My background:
I am 5″7″ 190lbs. I am a bicycle commuter that travels 34miles round trip and I am also a typical weekend warrior mountain biker.

Testing Grounds:
Fullerton, California, Lake Elsinore Sports Festival, and Commute By Bike Picnic.

First Impressions and Comments:
The Champiot Ultra has to be the funnest 4 wheeled, human powered vehicle out there! No matter who rides it, they all fall in love with the Champiot Ultra. The Champiot was a huge hit at the Commute By Bike Picnic. Everyone that tried it had smiles on their faces.

I do like how it has dual brakes and emergency brake levers to help you stop on a dime. Assembly took me over an hour. I did have to grind some of the plastic wheel well in order to make the left rear tire to clear the fenders.

The Champiot offers a full body workout since you’re pulling and pushing to make it move and you’re using your legs to steer it.

Worksmanship is top notch! We took the Champiot through some major testing, even some downhill action (not recommended) and the machine had no problems absorbing the abuse the trails and riders had to offer.

The drivetrain is beefy! It uses a standard motorcycle chain to make sure you don’t snap it while rowing hard and fast.

The Champiot is pretty wide. So that means you’re taking up the whole side walk. It’s pretty low to the ground so cars would have a hard time seeing you. But if you use a flag, it shouldn’t be an issue. It would be hard to find a place to lock it up if you ride it to work or do errands. Also side of the steering axle had an uneven spring causing it to pull the left. This could pose a problem because your legs can eventually get tired and once you relax, the Champiot could sharply turn left.

Would I recommend it?
Yes because you can work out with it and commute with it! The Champiot is a great machine. The Champiot can take you to and from work or the grocery store. It even has a storage area large enough for one bag of groceries.

I would say the Champiot is a great exercise machine and offers an amazing upper body workout. However, commuting with it can be difficult at first, but with enough practice, it would be a fun alternative to riding a bicycle.

Here’s the Champiot Review Video to give you an idea how it works.

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