Early Morning Ride II


It was poker night for the guys last night and everyone had their fair share of drinks. We talked about going out for a ride but I wasn’t sure if anyone would make it. But Eri, Jamie, and I met at 0600 as planned. We loaded up our bikes on the Allen Bike Rack 550RR and headed out to the trail.

The first mile always seems to be the most difficult part of the ride. Jaime found his tires to have low pressure. Luckily I had the Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB to pull us out of this predicament. This has to be one of the best bike pumps out there. By using the Co2 cartridge option, both tires were instantly inflated.


Once we got going, things seemed to be a bit smoother.

Tres Amigos

We even got bold enough to do some river crossing.


Jamie decided that walking on a fallen tree just wasn’t exciting enough. So he crossed by skipping on rocks.


Towards the end of our ride, Eri was falling behind. We thought that it was because he had a hang over from the night prior. It turns out that his rear tire was bent and was rubbing on the breaks. We think this happened from the jumps we were doing earlier. After kicking the rim a few times he was able to ride better so we decided to head back to the car. Even if we had a couple of incidents, we all had fun and can’t wait to do it again.

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