I've been FIXED!

This morning I had the chance to flip-flop the RedLine 925’s wheels from freewheel to fixie!

Here’s the fixed gear

Check out the beautiful paint job! It’s this cool charcoal blueish gray color. Man I love that LOGO!
Nice paint job

More RedLine Luv

So I took the 925 around the neighborhood since this is my first experience with a Fixed Gear bike. I have to say, I see the potential to have tons of fun and I started to see why so many people are ditching gears…Riding a fixie is just different. Like Nick said, its hard to describe. But you get this feeling of being cool cuz its a fixie and a feeling of “Wow I’m riding a fixie!” I have to say, riding fixies will take some getting used to. I know I have to practice around the neighborhood in order for me to feel confident enough to ride it to work…17 miles away!

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