Dang that sucks!

Our very own staffer, JJ of Ga. is feelin’ blue due to his recent injuries…


2005 was a great year of cycling for me, but” 2006 is a year that is trying me as hard as any I’ve ever had.

January – Sprained wrist
February, March, April – Chest Pain issues
May – Sprained ankle (I thought) and wrist
June – Ignore pain and ride anyway
July – Oops, bad move in June
August 1st – grounded until October?

My ‘sprain’ in May turned out to be more than that. It would not heal, so I had it checked. I have a stress fracture that was getting very tired of being stressed from continued activity and had begun to inflame the tissues around it. Now I’m in one of those big, ugly, boat anchor boots; and for two months no less. That’s October 1st when it comes off. Chances are good when it comes off that I will still have to wear a smaller prosthetic for 2-4 weeks after that. I may not even be able to ride again this year at all.

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