A special bike for a special kid

This is Zack, he’s my cousin Mando’s son. Zachy is a very special kid, he’s also a very lucky kid. Zack was born with Down Sydrome, he’s legally blind, had 3 eye surgeries and open heart surgery, all before the age of two. So why is he lucky? Besides the fact that he is alive, he has one of the best dads in the world. His dad has just given him a special gift that we all can relate to. Zachy has gotten his first bike.


This is no ordinary bike as you can see, its a custom made bicycle made by Freedom Concepts.
Zack was measured and evaluated by a therapist in Irvine, and then his specs were sent to Freedom Concepts to build a bike that will grow with him. Here are some specs on the bike:

* Optional rear steering system available that allows the caregiver to steer, or brake from the rear of the mobility device. Once the rider becomes more comfortable with reciprocal movement, an adjustment can be made allowing the rider to control, or assist with the navigation of the bike
* Adjustable handlebars that can move completely out of the way for dismounting, adjustable seat in low back or high back styles complete with safety belt(s)
* Our products also feature a unique crank and sprocket that can be adjusted in all directions to accommodate different hip to foot positions
* Discreet assistance handle so the rider can learn to ride and stop with a little help
* Direct drive and low gear ratios that make pedaling easy for a beginner, yet challenging for an aggressive rider
* Velcro straps to keep feet on the pedals and optional supporting foot plates. (Adjustable neoprene, or molded ABS plastic)
* Locking hand brake mechanisms for easy mounting and dismounting
* Powder baked paint ensures durability, years of good looks
* Quick release bolts on all adjustable components


My cousin Mando already sees the positive psychological effects that the bike gives Zachy, the physical benefits will come later. At $4,500, this bike is not cheap, but as Mando says ‘To give Zack the chance to ride a bike is priceless’.

As you can see, Zack is already cruisin’ the beaches of Sunny California. Ride on Zack! and God bless you Mando.

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