What's in Your Bag?

Some of you may have seen the What’s in Your Bag? Flickr pool by now, but if not, it’s worth a look. In the spirit of RL’s user feedback forums, I thought it would be fun to share, with a list or a picture if possible, the contents of our bags. Here’s mine:

The Biking Essentials: I don’t bike far without these things.
1. Blackburn Mars 2.0 and…
2. CatEye Compact Opticube for night riding
3. Crank Brother’s Multi-19 multi-tool
4. Sunblock
5. All-weather chain lubricant
6. Bacitracin antibiotic ointment (road rash happens)

The Everyday Items: Things I need once I’m off the bike.
7. iPod (not for use while riding)
8. Spare t-shirt (sweat happens)
9. Flask-shaped water bottle
10. Wallet, pen & pencil

That’s the bare minimum. I may carry any number of other things in the bag, but these ten items are in there pretty much all the time. Not pictured are my keys and cell phone, which are usually in my pockets. I also have a pump, chain and u-lock, but I don’t keep those in my bag. What do you carry?

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