10 Nine 8 Showerless Personal Hygiene

Linda over at 10 Nine 8 sent us this thing called Rocket Shower.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Showerless Personal Hygiene
People sweat. And they often do it when there’s no shower around, or time to take one. Rocket Shower is a spray body cleaner that makes it convenient to get yourself clean in just about any situation–while traveling, working out on your lunch hour, riding a bicycle to work or if you’re just short on time.

Spray It On, Wipe It Off
Rocket Shower cleans your skin basically the same way Windex works on your windows. Our cleaning formula of witch hazel, alcohol and water carries away the sweat, cools the skin and prevents bacteria from causing body odor. It works well on all parts of the body, although the more robust parts of the body may need an extra pump or two. And it works best when the body is still sweaty.

So with all that in mind, I decided to try it out today. After riding 17 something miles to get to my office, I sprayed the Rocket Shower everywhere….and I mean everywhere!

Dude this thing works!

It really does. After it evaporated, my skin felt pretty clean and I felt fresh. Since I like to keep my hair short, I even sprayed it on my noggin, and you know what, my head isn’t all sweaty. My face was was refreshed and not oily either. It didn’t have to use soap and water to wash up before heading to my desk. Just sprayed and let evaporate….easy eh!

There might be something to this Rocket Shower idea. All I know is I already like it.

Stick around for the actual product review!

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