Ibex X-ray

I’ve been riding my Ibex X-ray cyclocross singlespeed to work for the last couple of weeks. I bought the Slime Lite Tubes and installed them on the X-ray for piece of mind. Yesterday, as I was crossing a bridge I heard a ‘psssssssss’ noise coming out of my front tire. I thought, no problem, I have Slime tubes. I stopped, gave the tire a few turns, re-aired the tire and… ‘psssssssss’. WTF? I thought the tube was supposed to ‘heal’ itself. OK, maybe I didn’t wait enough…. I gave the tire a few turns, waited a little, re-aired the tire and ‘pssssssssssss’. Fortunately I was carrying a spare Slime tube. I checked the tire and switched the tube and arrived at work 10 minutes late.
I inspected the flat tube during my lunch time, it had a very small puncture so I was wondering why it didn’t seal as advertised. I went ahead and patched it, what the hell, I had time.

On my way home, I usually stop at a park to refill my water bottle, refilled the bottle and.. ‘pssssssss’ coming out of my front tire again!!!! This time I just replaced the tube with my patched Slime tube and got home OK.

Here I thought that by spending more on Slime tubes I will buying piece of mind.

Has anyone had the same experience with Slime tubes as I did? or was it just dumb luck?

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